Svirtinė talė Kito LB

General: The standard LB Lever Hoist is supplied with a freewheel safeguard and the bottom hook is riveted in four places. The lever hoists are built with premium grade components for long life in demanding industrial applications. Its double-reduction gearing reduce size and weight and requires minimum power to operate. Sealed gears and brake are protected against damage from dust and water. Open load sheave allows easy inspection and cleaning without dismantling the unit.

- Friction clutch
- Overload signal
- Wire rope clip
- Shipyard hook
- Without freewheel mechanism

  • Medžiaga: High impact steel housing, nickel-plated load chain grade V (G100) according to EN 818-7.
  • Žymėjimas: Atitinka standartą, CE žymėjimas, WLL, code and CE marking.
  • Padengimas: Painted.
  • Standartas: EN 13157
  • Atsargos koeficientas: 4:1


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