It’s no secret that using any type of slings requires prudence and compliance with basic security regulation. Unfortunately, the essential rules for using slings are often overlooked during lifting work. This happens because of the urgency and high speed of work, which poses additional risks when lifting heavy, bulky loads. Moreover, the maintenance of slings is very important too, so in order to avoid accidents and unsafe lifting work, it is necessary to know at least the most important requirements provided by lifting solutions specialists from Certex.

Use of chain slings

Chain slings are robust and have a high working load limit (WLL). For this reason, they can be used to lift particularly heavy and large loads. However, at the same time, it poses more dangers, as improperly secured heavy loads can cause much more damage. Therefore, before using chain slings, it is important to make sure that the ordered slings:

  • Have a manufacturer's certificate
  • Have a user manual
  • Have a matching identification and working load information on the certificate
  • Are not damaged and have no other visible defects. This should be done each time before using the hive.

Lifting devices and equipment must only be used by a person who is well versed in such work, has theoretical and practical knowledge of safe work and a certificate of competency in the field. Before lifting any load, it is important to make sure that the weight of the load does not exceed the working load limit specified in the product certificate. Powertex chain slings have an adjustable length that can be modified using shortening hooks. Like other Powertex products, chain slings are of high quality and durability. Hence, smooth, fast and safe lifting can be expected each time as long as the slings are used in accordance with the instructions.

Care and storage of Powertex chain slings

Although chain slings are more difficult to damage externally and have a much longer service life than textile or steel rope slings, this does not mean that they do not require maintenance. Each sling must be thoroughly inspected by a qualified specialist at least once a year and the inspection must be recorded in the logbook. Prior to inspection, the slings must be carefully cleaned of dirt and rust, but without damaging the structural metal.

After use, chain slings should be hung on special hooks. Storage on the ground surface or places where the chains could be damaged should be avoided. If the slings are left on the crane or hook, it is important to hang their hooks on the main chain to prevent them from moving. If the sling is not used for a while, it should be washed, drained and protected from rust (eg. oiled).

Powertex chain slings are easy to store and repair when needed. Many parts are easily replaced, so the purchased chain sling can last a particularly long time without losing its basic properties. For your convenience, Certex specialists provide a wide range of necessary sling parts, quality service and all technical documentation, so you can concentrate on the work and entrust the maintenance and condition of the slings to professionals in the field.