General: For handling of standard pallets from the long side.
Design: Thanks to the spring-loaded lifting eye, the pallet fork is self-balancing, which means that the forks are always horizontal, regardless of whether the pallet fork is empty or loaded. Please note the minimum load specified in the table. Concealed spring and linkage.
Proof: Batch proof 1,5 x max load.

  • Material: Beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Maximum load and CE-marking.
  • Finish: Yellow painted.
  • Note: Other sizes and designs are available upon request. For customer made forks the type has some restrictions regarding small loads and low profile goods (measure H).
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Art No Code WLL
A (mm) E (mm) H (mm) L (mm) S (mm) Min load kg Tp max* Weight
13.306030 6,030 1.5 835-435 900 1,500 450 50 300 500 120
13.306031 6,031 2.5 850-495 900 1,500 500 60 300 500 150
*The "Tp max" value is valid for maximum load. The pallet forks can be used with a greater point of balance if the load is reduced.

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