Hand Pump PA H 2

PA H 2 series , single acting, 2 stage, hand pumps.

- Light weight; easy to carry and operate.
- Low operating force required; minimal user effort.
- Soft-grip handles; more comfort and grip.
- Anti-slip rubber underneath; pump is stable and does not shift.
- Pump handle lock; easy and sfe to carry
- Service- and maintenance friendly; Easy access to and replacement of technical parts
without removing the oil tank.
- High oil output; quicker action.
- Accurately adjustable pressure release valve; load can be lowered safely and with extreme control.
- Integrated gauge connection on the pump block; No extra component needed if pressure
gauge is used. Gauge can be directly mounted at an angle of 45 degrees.
- Oil level glass in the tank; easily check the oil level in both horizontal and vertical position.
- Integrated filler funel; top up oil easily and quickly without extra accessoiries.
- Push & Unlock pump handle lock; unlocking is quick and easy with one push on the pump handle.

  • Features: - Ergonomic design.


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