Polipropileno virvė 3-gijų

General: Fibre rope of polypropylene for all different kinds of applications like: tarpaulin- and towing-ropes, lifting slings, ropes for the fishing industry, cargo nets, rope ladders, and more. The structure of the fibre rope makes it non-sliding in knots and splices.

Design: Spliced fibre.

Specific gravity: 0,91 (floats).
Melting point: Approx. 165°C.
Elongation: Approx. 30%.
Strength wet/dry: 100%
Shock Absorption: Very Good
Water Absorption: None
Abrasion Resistance: Good
Standard: EN ISO 1346

  • Žymėjimas: Atitinka standartą
  • Standartas: EN ISO 1346


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