Master Link Assembly MA POWERTEX

The POWERTEX Master Link assembly MA is part of the range of Powertex G10 Lifting Sling Chain Components. The assembly MA is to be used as the top ring for three-leg and four-legged chain sling assemblies.

Available for 6 mm up to 22 mm chain and from WLL 3t up to WLL 40t.
All models are welded.

Powertex G10 Range benefits:

  • 25% higher capacity compared to traditional Grade 8 components
  • All POWERTEX G10 components are powder painted in luminous red
  • Multi-functional master links and components are included in the range to allow quick and cost-effective assembly of chain slings
  • The components meet EN 1677 part 1/2/3/4 +25% WLL
  • Each forged component is crack detection tested, and samples are proof load tested.
  • Each component is type tested in the factory and fatigue rated to 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times the WLL
  • Full traceability through a batch number
  • Replacement spare parts available
  • All components are chromium 6 free
  • POWERTEX 2.2 certificate enclosed with each box of components
  • The components may also be used with Grade 8 chain to EN 818-2. In such a case, the chain sling needs to be rated as Grade 8 in accordance with EN 818-4.
  • Žymėjimas: Atitinka standartą
  • Standartas: EN 1677-4
    (+25% WLL)
  • Atsargos koeficientas: 4:1
  • Klasė: 10


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