22T Swager Talurit®

The Talurit® 22T 1P swager has a single pillar open throat design and is coupled with an efficient hand pump for high mobility. Thanks to its low weight and easy operation, it is just as convenient to use in the field as in the workshop. The reliable hydraulic hand
pump is easily installed with quick couplings which helps speed up the set-up time. As with all Talurit® machines, the build quality is superb - resulting in a rigid swager that will stand the test of time.

In a single-stage swage, T ferrules up to No. 6,5 can be swaged. Multi-stage swaging makes it possible to swage T ferrules up to No. 9. We recommend equipping this swager with Talurit® die sets, made from 100 % reused steel. Which not only gives a lower
impact on the environment but also leads to a purer material with a longer lifetime.


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