The 20-ton swager has a single pillar open throat design and the built in pump is very efficient. Less than 20 strokes close the dies!
Due to lightweight and easy operation it is suitable to use in the field.
The pump handle is also used as a carrying handle in its locked position.
In a single stage swage T-ferrules up to No. 6,5 can be swaged. Multi stage swaging makes it possible to swage T-ferrules up to No. 9.

Note: All our dies are manufactured from hardened and tempered die steel for long life and durability.
Operating the pump: Close the relief valve on the pump and start pumping the handle to close the dies. Open the relief valve to open the dies.

      20T (1)
      20T (2)
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      Part Code LxWxH Max. swaging force
      Max. fluid pressure approx. bar Length of stroke
      Capacity Single stage
      Capacity Multi stage (T/UM) Type of die Max. die length
      10.47P0020T1P 400x150x160 200 645 13 6,5 9/10 A 39 18,7