• Not for lifting

These wire grips are the ideal tool to safely stretch copper and steel cables. They have a wide range of applications in manufacturing, agriculture and bridge construction. The profile of the clamping jaws is specifically designed for copper and steel cables so that the stretched material does not become damaged.

  • Universal application: long, parallel tension clamping jaws made out of hardened and high-grade steel
  • Corrosion protection: galvanized and burnished components
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting: reliable, sophisticated process of cold-forming technology for the manufacturing of the jaws
  • Easy handling: ergonomic
  • Remote release possible: hole in clamping jaw
  • Self-acting holding: spring effect on the tensioned cable
  • Slip-resistant holding of the cable even at maximum traction
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Part Code MBL
For rope Ø
Stay rope
Eye size
10.4012504 1.25 1-5 1-16 20 0.5 0.25
10.4012511 2.5 3-9 6-35 22 1 0.85
10.4012528 4.5 4-12 16-70 27 1.7 1.27
10.4012535 7 6-18 50-150 25x38 3 1.83
10.4012542 8 10-28 90-400 30x40 3.5 4
10.4012559 9 20-40 240-800 30x40 4 6

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