General: Electrical winch with remote control for loads up to 230 kg.
- Lightweight and compact design: Allows easy installation.
- Upper hoisting limit switch: When rope disc touches the limit arm, hoisting is automatically stopped.
- Lower hoisting limit switch: Sensor arm automatically stops motor if the wire rope is under-wound.
- Mechanical ratchet brake: Double ratchet pawls brake provide instant and safe braking.
- Can operate on standard domestic power supply.
- Wire rope comes with a safety-latch weight hook.
- Emergency stop function switch is available upon request.
Power supply: 220V-240V x 1ph AC.
Braking methods: For motor: Electromagnetic, for gear: Double mechanical ratchets.
Remote control: Switch cord 10 m.
Option accessory: Crane CRH-0710.
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Part Code Code Diameter
Lifting capacity (kg) wire rope top layer Lifting speed m/min First layer Lifting speed m/min Top layer Motor rating Max. lifting height (m) Weight
16.28CWS160 CWS-160 4.8 160 14 22 IP44 30 14
16.28CWS230 CWS-230 5 230 9 14 IP44 24 15
Note: Including wire (Max. lifting height).

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