Typical application: Are used to heavier machines like forrest machines, load vehicles, excavators. The tow sling has low weight and good chockabsorption that makes it flexible and safe to use. Is delievered in a durable and non-absorbent bag.
Design: The sling is provided with a sleeve and flag.

  • Material: Polyester 100%. Resistent against most acids, but not to rich alkalies.
  • Marking: The tow sling is marked with information about breaking load in straight pull.
  • Temperature range: Approx. -40°C up to +100°C
  • Note: Can also be delivered in 3-strand nylon and Dyneema®
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Part Code Code Min. breakingforce
Length (m) Breaking force (kP) CAD
14.95TRS07 RBS-7 68.7 6 7
14.95TRS14 RBS-14 137 6 14
14.95TRS21 RBS-21 206 6 21
14.95TRS35 RBS-35 343 6 35
14.95TRS56 RBS-56 550 6 56
Other lengths made on request.
Other lengths made on request.

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