General: These lashings are commonly used all over Europe. The lashings can be supplied in different configuration depending on the users needs.

  • Marking: According to standard, Marked and produced acc. to. EN 12195-2.
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Note: The standard configuration is with double hooks, but it can also be supplied with other end fittings upon request.
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Part Code LC (kN) LC (daN) Length (m) Design Colour test2 Width
Stf (daN) 2xLC (daN) CAD
14.02TRA01WD0595OE 20 2,000 0,5+9,5 2-part Orange 50 350 4,000

LC = Lashing Capacity (straight)
2xLC = double (2xLashing Capacity)
1 daN = 1,012 kg

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