The copper ferrule (TCU) is intended for stainless steel wire rope to avoid galvanic corrosion. The pressing of TCU ferrules requires approx 25% higher pressure than the corresponding T ferrule of aluminium alloy.

We do not guarantee the strength of slings for lifting activities made of Copper turnback ferrules. A termination performed according to our instructions will normally withstand a tensile strength of 90% of minimum breaking load (MBL) of the wire rope. Verifying tests must be done in order to secure the strength of the termination.

These ferrules have been validated according to TALURIT™ splicing system, which is within the framework of EN 13411-3. The copper material is not accepted in this standard.

  • Material: Copper (almost 99,9%)
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 13411-3
  • Note: Diameter and length is after pressing. Below you can find the manufacturer's product data sheet for guidance on dimension selection.
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Part Code Ferrule size Length
10.02TCU01 1 6.5
10.02TCU02 1.5 8
10.02TCU03 2 9
10.02TCU04 2.5 12
10.02TCU05 3 14
10.02TCU06 3.5 16
10.02TCU07 4 18
10.02TCU08 4.5 20
10.02TCU09 5 23
10.02TCU10 6 27
10.02TCU11 6.5 29
10.02TCU12 7 32
10.02TCU13 8 36
10.02TCU14 9 40
10.02TCU16 10 45
10.02TCU18 11 50
10.02TCU20 12 54

Diameter is after pressing, see instruction.
Length is after pressing.

Download CAD

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