High performance ropes for various applications with high strength and durability.
These ropes combine good strength retention with good flexibility and dynamic properties.
Making terminations is easy through splicing where up to 90% of linear strength is retained.

Very firm, heat set and stretched 12-strand Dyneema SK75 rope with smooth Durapur impregnation for abrasion resistance. The constructional elongation has been removed in the production process and stretch is extremely low. Very popular for their roundness and smooth surface.
The ropes are soft and flexible and easy to splice.

  • Material: Dyneema ®
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Part Code Diameter
MBL MBL unspliced
Weight in sea
12.12DYN060GYC22 6 6.1 6.8 -0.26 3.28
12.12DYN080GYC22 8 8.9 9.9 -0.39 4.92
12.12DYN100GYC22 10 12.2 13.5 -0.55 6.8
12.12DYN120GYC22 12 16.9 18.8 -0.78 9.7
12.12DYN140GYC22 14 24.6 27.3 -1.09 13.6
12.12DYN160GYC22 16 33.5 37.2 -1.49 18.6
12.12DYN180GYC22 18 40.6 45.1 -1.81 22.6
12.12DYN200GYC22 20 49.2 54.7 -2.2 27.4

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