Certex have the expertise and testing facilities to help you follow local laws and standars as well as prevent accidents. Eliminating costly paperwork and errors. 

Certex Lietuva UAB offers inspection of height safety equipment, we are authorized by most manufactorers.


Inspection of lifting gear

Certex perform annual inspections of lifting equipment with respect standarts, which states that the lifting accessories must be checked for safety to the user.

We do ocular control of lifting gear or for example nondestructive testing.

Please contact your local Certex-office for more information.


Fall protection

Certex  performs inspection of fall protection products, we are certified by most manufacturers of fall protection products.

We come to you and do an inspection of your gear, which  are recorded and given a unique ID number. This is done every year. We also perform installation, fitting and service of fall protection systems.

Please contact your local Certex-office for more information

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